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I am a Muslim, but Only by Name

By Md Touhid Rahman
The call is to ask a single time to your own person:

"How I am a Muslim? Muslim by Quality or Muslim by Family?"

I am a Muslim, but only by name

When it comes to practicing, what a shame!

I go to friends and relatives in suit and tie

It’s alright if I occasionally lie

Yes I practice, BUT when it suits me

Or more to the point, when it pleases society.

If I show my ankles, they’ll point and laugh

They’ll think it’s too short and reckon I’m daft.

If I trim my mustache and grow the beard

They’ll reckon I’m a fanatic or something weird.

If I wear the Sunnah, I’ll get great reward

But the Kuffaar will look down on me, that I can’t afford.

Yes I’m a Muslim, but only by name

I make excuses which I admit are rather lame.

Yes I’m a sane man and I’m on the right track

Who am I kidding, I feel like a right jack!

To hide my inferiority complex I protest it’s unimportant

Though my heart screams to tell me I’m a blatant fraudulent

The best thing is no-one can hear what’s going on inside

People think I’ve got it made and with my life I’m satisfied.

But I’m afraid this is a fable and it’s a pure deception

I have no peace of mind but this I dare not even mention.

If I remain ignorant it’s OK, ‘cos then I don’t have to practice

Yes I’m conniving and these are baseless evil tactics.

But I read the Kalima and I think I have Imaan

I can’t help my attitude I was placed in a Kufrstaan.

Yes I’m a Muslim but only by name

And with my precious life I’m playing a foolish disastrous game!


Why many muslims prefer housewife?

Thanks to sister Halima Shamtally for posting

Assalamoualaikoum to all my brothers and sisters in islam………..

Why many muslims prefer housewife?

1. because we are not selfish that we cant spend our money on our wives.

2. because we are not niggard that we say to her to manage her own spending.

3. because we love our wives and dont want that any non-mahram at her work-place look at her, talk to her with desire.

4. because we want to remain faithful and dont want that women in our work-place divert us from our wives.

5. because we are wise and know that if women also join work-force, then who’ll take care of home and childern – the future ummah.

6. because we are long-sighted that know that mixing of men-women will result in cases of affairs, heartbreaks, haram physical relations, jealousy, hatred, lust, etc.

7. because muslim women are liberated and are not expected to hold a 45 hour per week job and then manage the house, the kids, and the husband.

8. because whatever money muslim women earn is theirs and they are not obliged to spend a penny on the family

9. because muslim women know the importance of family life and they are the teachers of the future generation and are the shapers of society

10. because muslim women know how Allah has favoured them in somethings and man on others and they are not fighting to be mans co-equal

11. because Allah says in the Quran that the men are the care-takers of women

Alhamdulilah for muslim women rights in Islam, they are truly lucky…

…….."Be for Allah and Allah will be for you! "……..

Jazarkallah khair
Take care