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Who celebrates Milad would be rewarded.

Well Praising Ulama (Ibnu Taymiyah) by Wahabism, what he saying regarding Meelad…
"Ibn Taymiyyah writes:
“Those people who celebrate Milaad through the love and respect of the Prophet [May Allah bless Him and grant Him peace], will be rewarded by Allah.
[Iqtidaa’ us-siraat-il-Mustaqeem, page 294]"


Hadith-e-Nabwi # 71

Prophet Muhammad (p) said:
"Illuminate your houses by reciting Noble Quran and do not attach yourselves to graves like the Jews and the Christians. They worship only in churches and synagogues and ignore their houses. The houses in which the Noble Quran is recited are more frequently blessed and their residents gain prosperity. Such households will shine like stars for the people of the heavens as the stars are shining for the people of the world."
—Al-Kafi, (B7,C6,T1)