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Mehfil-e-Milad-e-Mustafa (15 June)


Dome of Hazrat Mehboob-e-Zaat

Mehfil-e-Milad-e-Mustafa (05-03-2010)








The state of a lover for ALLAH- By, Sayyeda Gilani (this is incomplete & inshaALLAH- ALLAH will help me to complete this)

The state of a lover for ALLAH- By, Sayyeda Gilani.

"La Ilaha IllALLAHu Muhammad-ur-rasool-u-ALLAH (SallaALLAHu alaihi wa aalihi wassallam)"

Patience is a Virtue,
But impatience is what I feel…..

Happiness is a blessing,
But sadness is to my liking.

Sharp memory is an asset
But forgetfulness is my mate.

Generosity is what is loved
But miserliness is to what I move….

Being in love with YOU
This is what has become my fate!

Because the intensity of my love for YOU…
has driven me far, from what is acceptable to-date…..


Ten signs….that tell you that YOU have failed as a Muslim Parent by Sayyeda Gilani

Today at 7:22pm


Ten signs..….. (For Parents)

1. When your child knows the TV schedule for the whole month but does not the times of the daily required prayers.

2.When your child can tell you the names of Top 10 actors/actresses but cannot even name 10 Prophet’s.

3. When your child is proud to come "out of the closet" but is ashamed to be labelled as a Muslim.

4. When your child can memorize lyrics of every top single every week but cannot even memorize 1 surah because "It is too difficult!"

5. When your child refuses to go to sleep because he/she is busy chatting on the net or surfing it but "is sleepy" when its time for Fajr prayers.

6. When your child saves up their pocket money to buy the next "New fashion trend" but feels a pinch to remove "sadqah/zakat"

7. When trips to the mall are considered more "IMPORTANT" then a trip to the Masjid.

8. When your child can speak in more than 1 foreign language & NONE Of those languages is the language of the Quran.

9. When your child looks forward to the Christmas celebrations MORE than Eid celebrations.

10. When your child considers dressing half-naked "MORE RESPECTABLE & ACCEPTABLE" than to wear "Islamic attire".

That show that YOU have failed as a Muslim parent.



Ten signs that tell you that Eman has left your house by Sayyeda Gilani

Ten signs..…

1. When a dinner party is more important than "celebrating Milad or any other muslim festival".

2. When-in your house- it is customary & preferred for the opposite genders to have informal gatherings together.

3. When money is spent like a fountain on parties & birthdays & other events but "MONEY problems" arrive when it is time to give Zakat/Sadqa.

4. When you don’t wake your child for Fajr prayers because "they are TIRED" but wake them up early enough to make sure you are on time at the airport for HOLIDAYS!

5. When your dream is for your child to become a Doctor or an Engineer BUT NOT an "Aalim".

5. When you spend money on extracurricular activities to get your child into a good college BUT do not spend on your child reading the Quran so that he/she can have a good afterlife.

6. When taking your child to the mall is more important than taking your child to the Masjid.

7. When Eid is celebrated by dancing & singing of men & women in the house & are termed as "Eid parties".

8. When "Quality Family time" is MOVIES & Popcorn & NOT talks on Islam.

9. When all topics of Islam are "AVOIDED" at parties & gatherings & GOSSIP is accepted & preferred.

10. When the "Verses of the Quran" are JUST "DECORATION PIECES."

….that tell you that Eman has left your house.

My thoughts- by, Sayyeda GIlani

Lost in myself- I think of you,
Walking by myself- I long for you….

Is this love or a good deed?
As- YOU-yourself are my need.

In my heart, in my dreams I am with YOU,
Even spending eternity with YOU is still short of minutes few.

If truth be told…
Yes, I’m in love with The LORD.

HIS Mercy envelops me everywhere,
Patience & Virtue have become my affairs.

"Qul Hu WaALLAHu ahad" is what HE says,
For my palate- THIS is the taste.

ALLAH! ALLAH! ALLAH! My tongue screams
HU! HU! HU! My heart beats.

Every breath brings me closer..
To the ONE WHO has no other.

If I live, If I die- I don’t care
As HE is all of what my heart is aware.

Living is just existing,
In worldly deeds I’m just subsisting.

Loving HIM is the true meaning of life
Respect of the blessed Prophet is for what I strive.
(Peace be upon him)

My life is Salah, Sawm, Zakah, Hajj & the Shahadah….
which will end in "La Ilaha IllALLAH Muhammad-ur-rasul-u-ALLAH!
(SallALLAHu alaihi wa aalihi wassallam).


Maulana Abd-ul Shakoor Hazarwi died yesterday.

موت العَالِم موت العَالَم



Maulana Abd-ush Shakoor Hazarvi died yesterday (24th April, 2010 C.E or 8th Jamadi-ul-Awwal, 1431 A.H). Pir Syed Ghulam Moin-ul-Haq Moin Gilani (Zeenat-e-Astana Aliya Golra Sharif, Islamabad) went for Fateha and Dastarbandi yesterday.

Hazrat Ali on the death of Hazrat Khadija and Hazrat Abu Talib

Words which may have been said to the Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasalam By Hazrat Ali Radhiallahu anho on the death of Hazrat Khadijah Radhiallahu Anha and Abu Talib.

Both my eyes weep, weep for that chief of the Bateha valley whose name was Abu Talib; and weep for that flower of womanhood whose name was Khadija. The woman first to accept Islam and first to pray. Both Abu Talib and Khadija were pure souls. Their passing away has created a great void. At the pain of their separation I spend the whole night in weeping. They helped the Holy Prophet. They were a source of strength to Islam. After them the world has been plunged into darkness. From God they came and to God they have returned; may their souls rest in peace.

Mehfil-e-Milad o Sama (10-12-2002)



Part 1: Fazail-e-Ahl-e-Bayt

Part2: Fazail Ashaba Karaam

Part 3: Fazail-e-Ghaus-e-Azam and Message of Darbar-e-Aliya

Salam and Du’a