My thoughts- by, Sayyeda GIlani

Lost in myself- I think of you,
Walking by myself- I long for you….

Is this love or a good deed?
As- YOU-yourself are my need.

In my heart, in my dreams I am with YOU,
Even spending eternity with YOU is still short of minutes few.

If truth be told…
Yes, I’m in love with The LORD.

HIS Mercy envelops me everywhere,
Patience & Virtue have become my affairs.

"Qul Hu WaALLAHu ahad" is what HE says,
For my palate- THIS is the taste.

ALLAH! ALLAH! ALLAH! My tongue screams
HU! HU! HU! My heart beats.

Every breath brings me closer..
To the ONE WHO has no other.

If I live, If I die- I don’t care
As HE is all of what my heart is aware.

Living is just existing,
In worldly deeds I’m just subsisting.

Loving HIM is the true meaning of life
Respect of the blessed Prophet is for what I strive.
(Peace be upon him)

My life is Salah, Sawm, Zakah, Hajj & the Shahadah….
which will end in "La Ilaha IllALLAH Muhammad-ur-rasul-u-ALLAH!
(SallALLAHu alaihi wa aalihi wassallam).


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