Ten signs….that tell you that YOU have failed as a Muslim Parent by Sayyeda Gilani

Today at 7:22pm


Ten signs..….. (For Parents)

1. When your child knows the TV schedule for the whole month but does not the times of the daily required prayers.

2.When your child can tell you the names of Top 10 actors/actresses but cannot even name 10 Prophet’s.

3. When your child is proud to come "out of the closet" but is ashamed to be labelled as a Muslim.

4. When your child can memorize lyrics of every top single every week but cannot even memorize 1 surah because "It is too difficult!"

5. When your child refuses to go to sleep because he/she is busy chatting on the net or surfing it but "is sleepy" when its time for Fajr prayers.

6. When your child saves up their pocket money to buy the next "New fashion trend" but feels a pinch to remove "sadqah/zakat"

7. When trips to the mall are considered more "IMPORTANT" then a trip to the Masjid.

8. When your child can speak in more than 1 foreign language & NONE Of those languages is the language of the Quran.

9. When your child looks forward to the Christmas celebrations MORE than Eid celebrations.

10. When your child considers dressing half-naked "MORE RESPECTABLE & ACCEPTABLE" than to wear "Islamic attire".

That show that YOU have failed as a Muslim parent.




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