Is Pakistan’s ban on Facebook right decision or a wrong one?

Assalamo Alaikom.

Please see the following points:

1.  Facebook and YouTube get fixed amount on per click. If we avoid going to facebook, we avoid giving them money. If we are giving them money, we are supporting them to do more. But if we are not giving them money, they have less to do.

2. If this ban would have been by an individual or a group of individuals, it wouldn’t have got the attention of Facebook admins. As this ban was by the government, the facebook admins took a notice of it (whether they take action on it or not, we have cleared our point of view to them).

3. The more you click the page, the upper it comes in the search engines. If we avoid clicking the blasphemous pages, we, if not decreasing, at least are not increasing the rating.

4. If facebook is supporting the event, why should we support facebook? Muslims never gave money to Quraish for the wars against Muslims or for any matter that was against Muslims. Why should we support facebook and give them money? Are we too much addictive? Can’t we leave facebook? Facebook is not the internet or life. It is just a social networking website and there are hundreds of other social networking website.

5. If hurting some innocent is terrorism, haven’t the event hurted the Muslims when the event admins clearly know that it’s not allowed in Islam. Facebook is surely supporting it and so, facebook is the supporter of terrorists. There is no difference between a sinner and his supporter. So, facebook admins are also terrorist. They are terrorizing Muslims mentally.

Where does the term ‘terrorism’ gets lost when its by the non-Muslims? This terms only appears in dictionary for Muslims? Isn’t facebook a racist social networking website? Why we are too much addictive to it? At least facebook is not MY life. I have many other things to do on internet and many other tasks to do in my life.


One response

  1. Assalamo Alaikom.
    Syed Shahrukh Kamal Gilani Sb.

    This is a right decision Pakistan’s ban on Facebook.

    Muhammad Ashfaq Ali Qadri Mundarvi
    From Sheikhupura.

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