Facebook’s back. What we’ve to do now?

Assalamo Alaikom


Pakistan has lifted the ban on facebook today. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/may/31/pakistan-lifts-facebook-ban


Now, if facebook is back, what we’ve to do for Islam?


I think we should create more and more Islamic groups and should tell the west what Islam actually is. We’ve to tell them that Islam is a peaceful religion. Although, it’s a hard job, but we’ve to do at least something for it. I am copying the message of Sayyeda Gillani below, a nice thought:



Assalam-u-alaikum brothers & sisters,

I request all of you to take some time out today of your busy schedules & come together to flood the whole Face Book with Hadiths, stories, comments, Naats/nasheeds- any & every post filled with love & reverence of the Blessed Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) in answer to the "draw Muhammad day".

Please- put posts anywhere & everywhere. Comments, short stories, Hadiths, Verses of the Quran or simply- I love Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) everywhere!

Lets come together people & lets do this atleast just for 1 day.

I request all of you to translate this into your languages & send it to all your friends.

Those Kaafirs have atleast 60-70000 people on their lists to come & do this- so lets spread the message around.

I will be posting comments, links, Hadiths,etc & tagging each & every one of you & all of you can do the same- so that we can make those aware who are not reading any messages because a Tag will be shown on their profile page.

But, kindly stay away from controversial Hadiths & stories- lets just keep it simple & sweet!



Sayyeda Gilani bibi


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