Eid Mubarak

Assalamo Alaikom wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu


Islam is the religion that teaches us to look at our brothers’, sisters’ and neighbours’ needs before looking at our own needs. Eid is an Islamic festival and celebration; we should try to wear new clothes and new things or at least neat and tidy. On this occasion, we are taught to specially look at other Muslims. Islam gives a law of FITRANA so that poor and needy Muslims could also enjoy the Eid as do rich people enjoy their Eid. This year, we don’t have to search for poor and needy people as our brothers and sisters are victims of flood. This year, we should try to give money for flood. This year, we should try to buy one thing instead of two and donate the money of the second thing to the victims of flood disaster.

Dear Muslims, on this Eid, try to reduce your Eid shopping at least 50 percent and try to donate that money to the victims of flood disaster struggling for life. Be generous if you want Allah to be Generous upon you. Pray for our brothers and sisters who are a victim of flood. May Allah Help them and restore them to their lives as before. May Allah make this Eid a memorable Eid that had not been celebrated yet and May Allah makes the next Eid better than this Eid. May Allah Showers His Blessing upon every Muslim in the world.


Eid Mubarak to every Muslim from Hazrat Pir Syed Muhammad Mubarak Ali Gilani (Sajjada Nasheen Mundair Sharif Syeddan), Sahibzada Syed Shah Kamal Mohy-ud-Din (Chief Editor monthly Sohney Mehrban) and other members of Sohney Mehrban Welfare Organization.

عید مبارک


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  1. To,
    Eid Mubarak to Hazrat Pir Syed Muhammad Mubarak Ali Gilani (Sajjada Nasheen Mundair Sharif Syeddan), Sahibzada Syed Shah Kamal Mohy-ud-Din (Chief Editor monthly Sohney Mehraban), Sahibzada Syed Shahrukh Kamal Mukarram Gilani and other members of Sohney Mehraban Welfare Organization.

    Khalifa Syed Mazhar Hussain Shah Bukhari Qadri Mundarvi(Amonkey).
    Khalifa Haji Khalil-Ur-Rehman Qadri Mundarvi(Late).
    Khalifa Sufi Kareem Bukhsh Qadri Mundarvi(Late).
    Khalifa Noor Nabi Qadri Mundarvi.
    Khalifa Dilawar Ali Qadri Mundarvi.
    Khalifa Muhammad Arif Qadri Mundarvi.
    Khalifa Muhammad Afzal Qadri Mundarvi.
    All Mureeden Of Distt. Sheikhupura.

    Nacheez Ghulam,
    Muhammad Ashfaq Ali Qadri Mundarvi

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