Protests against newly released anti-Muslim film

as-Salam-u alaykum

Recently, a film trailer has been released on YouTube that is against Muslims, Islam and the Holy Prophet of Islam. Is this the morality of so-called ethical nations? Shame on them. They have ever been indulge in these things and will always be because such acts ARE the traits of illiterate and ignorant people. They have always been indulge in mockery of every prophet, including Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Noah and David (peace be upon those prophets). They have always killed prophets and denied The Word of God. Now, if they are attacking our Prophet (SAWAW) since 14 centuries, it’s not a big deal for them. They are surely expert in these things.

We do protest all such acts but we should never forget that they can never cause any insult in the Highest Status of our Prophet (SAWAW) when God have said to our Prophet (SAWAW), VA RAF’ANAA LAKA ZIKRAK. They can never reach to that High Status. Do you know why they are just trying and trying and still trying such things since 1400 years? The answer is that they have always failed in their tries and they will always be. The more they try to defame Islam the more it starts spreading.

We, Muslims and Pakistanis, are thankful to The Government of India for supporting us in this cause. For more information, go to the links below.

India blocked anti-Islamic video at YouTube

Mumbai Police registered complaint against anti-Muslim film

Protests in Hyderabad

Indian Muslims demand ban

Protests in Srinagar

Jammu and Kashmir demanded ban

US warns

However, we are sorry for the house arrest of Muslim leaders in Srinagar for the protest against the film. We don’t know the exact situation but we have sympathy for them and we hope that Indian Government will think on this issue.

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