Journey of a Seeker Of Sacred Knowledge

On Tuesday 16th October 2012 The Salafis came in the early hours of the morning ( about 3 Am) whilst many people were asleep and they went and burnt  the blessed grave of Sayyida A’isha al-Manubiyya (Rahimaha Allah) and they destroyed all the contents of the shrine as well as the Blessed coffin of Sayyida A’isha al-Manubiyya (Rahimaha Allah).  The Police officials have said that that 5 masked men came at 3 Am and they burnt the shrine.

Some notes on the life of Sayyida A’isha al-Manubiyya (Rahimaha Allah):

Sayyida A’isha al-Manubiyya (Rahimaha Allah) passed away in the thirteenth centaury, she was a famous Wilaya and she was considered to be one of the 40 companions in Tunis of Imam Abul Hasan ash-Shadhili Alayhi Rahma.

Whilst she was alive she was very strong and vibrant personality, while pregnant, her mother was travelling in the wilderness outside manuba when she confronted a…

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