Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem.

Assalam o Alaikom all Muslim readers and those who follow the right path (Islam).
Sohney Mehrban Welfare Trust is a trust created by Hazrat Pir Syed Muhammad Mubarak Ali Gillani (Sajjada Nasheen Darbar-e-Aliya, Mundair Sharif Syeadn, Sialkot). It publishes Islamic literature of Darbar-e-Aliya Qadriya Mundair Sharif Syedan.

“Sohney Mehrban” is a religious magazine which publishes every month from Darbar-e-Aliyah, Qadriayh, Fazliyah, Ahmad Hussainiyah, Afzaaliyah, Dargah-e-Hazrat Mehboob-e-Zaat wa Hazrat Mehboob-e-Khaas, Mundair Syedan Sharif.

Spread the name of Allah, the Prophet of Allah (SAWAW) and his Ahl-e-Bayt, Islam, Sahabah and Auliya Allah.

2 responses

  1. I need to contact some one fr.o.m. The person sajjada Nasheen i would like to know this is the generation fr.o.m. Sayd pir Abdual Gani shah My father had a bayit in their hand

    1. You can contact Darbar Sharif through following:
      Mobile: 0092-300-6121883; 0092-333-8605383; 0092-300-7142114
      Email: sohenymehrban [at] hotmail [dot] com

      Further contacts are mentioned at https://mundairhouse.wordpress.com/contact-us/

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